Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pinterest images that tell the story of self

Si dipinge col cervello et non con le mani. --Michelangelo Buonarotti
[One paints with the brain, and not the hands.]

This image has been by far the most popular repin I have on Pinterest. It's been on one of my boards for quite some time, but I still get a notification almost weekly that it's been shared once again. 

When I first saw it, I lost my breath without really knowing why. I just knew it touched some deep place in me and does even now as I steal glances at it while I type. Of course, that got me thinking (again) about the value of images as reflections of our deepest self. I've been kicking around an idea to write an article about Pinterest as a personality and values assessment tool. I believe if we step back from the obvious in terms of things people "like" and "share" in social media sites and look at the information as a collection, we can infer things about ourselves (why we are drawn to it) and about others (why they share).

I know "likes" and "sharing" are simple to do and some question how transparent we really are with what we share, but we still are picking and choosing what we like and share because our time is so limited. This is why I think the information is useful as an assessment tool of personality and values. We build communities from content we are drawn to and share. Why couldn't that same content offer reflection points for ourselves. Often art is a reflection point of the artist and what they see. I think we can use the art, music, photography, etc that draws us in as sources of insight. 

Next time you see something that takes your breath away consider how you experience it physically and emotionally. 
- Does a memory pop in your head? 
- Do you recall a scent or a sound? 
- Do you feel changes in the pit of your stomach or heat reaching up through your chest to your face?
- Have you had a response like that before and when?

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